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Clinical massage is a medley of modalities brought together for a  single purpose - to restore wellness to the body in a relaxing,  delightful, non-invasive manner. When trauma takes place, whether it is  from a car accident, a fall or an act of unkindness, it leaves its  imprint on the body. Symptoms vary from joint stiffness, pain, limited  range of motion, a general sensation of aching or heaviness, chronic  headaches, migraines and so on. Persistent discomfort, in any of its  forms, is the body's signal for trouble and is better addressed early  than late.

Clinical massage assists the body by:

  • Improving circulation, restoring health and vitality through  cellular nourishment.
  • Cleansing the lymphatic system, a major part of the immune  system, which fights all illnesses from colds to cancer.
  • Reestablishing proper joint function. It releases hyper-tense  muscles and clears accumulated toxicity in the muscle attachments.

Clinical massage is effective with:

    Reducing stress

      It is well documented how stress maintains the autonomic nervous system on high alert-fight or flight mode-which creates a  continuous level of muscle tension, both skeletal and visceral (our  internal organs; i.e. heart, digestive system & others) often  bringing them to the point of exhaustion. With clinical massage, the  muscular, circulatory and lymphatic systems are cleansed, allowing them  rest. These systems then reestablish themselves in a properly  functioning mode. In other words, during massage, the vicious cycle is  broken allowing the autonomic nervous system to "reset its dials".


      Neck and shoulder or any joint

      By releasing the hyper-tense muscles the entire area can re-establish balance and return to its proper functioning.

      Relieving arthritis

      and often slows its progress by maintaining proper joint function, muscular balance and improved circulation, as explained  earlier.


      All joints function at the mercy of the muscles and  nerves. By releasing hypertension, the proper movement of most any joint can be reestablished. With sciatica, pain is being caused by a tense  muscle putting pressure on a nerve causing pain from the hip, down the  leg, often going as far as the heel.

      Carpal tunnel syndrome

      Although the pain is located in the wrist, carpal tunnel can be traced all the way up the arm, into the shoulder and neck. When  addressed through massage, the entire pattern can often be cleared from  the body allowing the pattern of swelling and pain to be eliminated.


      Chronic tension headaches

      are relieved through improved circulation and muscle  tension relief. In 90% of the cases, once the tension pattern has been  erased from the body, the headaches are erased also.

      Sinus headaches

      Even the sinuses can be assisted through the use of  massage, acupressure (release points) and essential oils, providing non- medicated relief and clearing - improving the overall functioning of  the sinuses.


      Through advanced studies in CranioSacral Therapy, Patty  Ceccoli, LMT, CST can address and often eliminate the stronghold pattern of migraines.

    Supporting chiropractic care

      by releasing the musculature surrounding the spinal  vertebrae, making it easier for the body to maintain the chiropractic  adjustment.

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