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pattyPatty Ceccoli, LMT, CST (FL license #  MA11807) has been a massage therapist and seminar leader since 1990 and  '94 respectively. After graduating from massage therapy school in FL.,  she stepped into her new field by working at a chiropractor's office.  The experience was exceptional in that she was not only taught about  bodies but also by bodies. Having always had an intuitive nature, it now kicked into high gear as the bodies presented her with what seemed like an illogical healing plan. The results, on the other hand, were  unquestionable. Patty jokingly refers to this period of 'body tutoring' as her Master's degree.

After a year and a half, she moved into private practice as she  continued to explore the properties and technique of following each  body's specific healing pattern and requirements. It was within this  exploration that two questions would persistently come to mind: 1. "Why  can't we tap into the body's healing pattern and requirements for  ourselves?" and two "How do I teach this to others?"

The answers to both these questions came through practicing  movement, which she had been introduced to years prior, even before  becoming a massage therapist. The form of movement evolved into what  Patty has named Modified Movement with Clinical Modified Movement being  the application for bodyworkers of all genres to tap into the intuitive  body, the part of the body that knows its own requirements and pattern  for healing.

The beauty of this form lies in its inherent simplicity. The form  provides structure and format to be able to teach the intuitive  connection into the body when partnered with massage or other forms of  bodywork. On a personal note, it carries the ability to access the  intuitive level inside each of us.

In 1996, Patty and her husband had the opportunity to move to  Georgia where they continue to reside, enjoying the delightful southern  lifestyle. Patty's thriving private practice is in Carrollton, GA. She  has been a licensed continuing education provider for her profession  (NCBTMB #329132-00 Category A) since 2002.

Massage Continuing Education & Professional Activities

  • Neuromuscular Integration & Structural Alignment I (1991)
  • TMJ: The Jaw, Inside and Out (1992)
  • CranioSacral Therapy I, Upledger Institute (1994)
  • Visceral Manipulation, Upledger Institute (1996)
  • AMTA of GA. Board of Directors (1997-2000)
  • Rheumatoid Studies (1997)
  • OrthoBionomy Level (1998)
  • OrthoBionomy Level (1999)
  • CranioSacral Therapy II, Upledger Institute (2002)
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