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Patti Ceccoli is pleased to Offer the Following Services:

    ~ First Session...$80
    Plan on spending over an  hour as we review medical history, acute and chronic injuries/pain,  range of motion, etc.

    Hour Massage...$75
    This is a delightful  combination of therapies which allows for the best of clinical  improvement and relaxation.
    Hour & 1/2...$110

    ~ CranioSacral Therapy...$95
    Specific therapy  for chronic migraines and headaches as well as some neurological and  immune system disorders. It is extremely relaxing while being deeply  therapeutic.

    Aromatherapy...always available at no extra charge.

    ~ Pregnancy massage...$75
    This offers  therapeutic relief for the ever changing body as it carries your little  bundle of joy. We are equipped with special cushions that allow mom to  lie on her belly safely all the way up to delivery time! (some  exceptions)

    Healing Hot Stone Massage...$120
    These  metamorphic - igneous stones are exquisite in their ability to relax the central nervous system. They act as sponges, drawing tension out of the body, allowing for an exceptional healing session! Hour and 1/2  sessions only.

Discount packages available.
Monday - Friday By appointment only
Cancellation Policy:
Please give 24  hours cancellation notice. Otherwise, usual fee will be charged for the time reserved.

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