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Clinical Massage

  • "I would like to share with you my experience with  Patty Ceccoli. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in my upper back and  neck. For a long time I was living in severe pain. The doctors wanted me to be on all kinds of medicines. However, these medicines created  additional side effects that I was not willing to deal with. Since I  have found Patty and massage therapy, I have been living with less pain  and discomfort. I am able to make it through moist days without any  medication, not to mention doctor's visits. Massage therapy has been  absolutely wonderful! Patty is an experienced, professional massage  therapist. I am very at ease and comfortable with Patty's 'bedside  manner'. I highly recommend Patty for anyone who is tired of living in  pain. If it is time to control the pain and not let the pain control  you, then give Patty a call. You will not be sorry!"
                                              Julie W.,  Douglasville, GA
  • "After my first pregnancy I had some back pain and  saw a massage therapist, so when I got pregnant this time around I knew  it would only help. What I didn't realize was how much! Looking back I  can see now that the other woman was ok, but Patty is EXCELLENT. She is  bright, competent and caring. She has special equipment for pregnancy  massage. She listens to you and adjusts her work according to what's  happening with you. The massages made my pregnancy so much easier! I had no back pain, my circulation was excellent and she helped me to avoid  the 4 months of edema that I had last time around. She lets you pick  music, oils, whatever makes you comfortable. Patty is an angel and I  recommend her highly."
                                                        Jana B., Douglasville, GA

    "Going to Patty's is such a special treat. When she  closes the door, the world is completely shut out! You feel like time is standing still. Therapeutic massage works all my aches and pains out.  Patty knows what doesn't feel right just with the feel of her hands.  It's truly amazing; you just feel so good when you leave. I hope I don't ever have to give it up!"
                                                       Linda G., Ranburne, AL

    "Wonderful experience I would highly recommend to  others."
                                                       Sherry B., Carrollton, GA

    "It was more than I expected, but it was exactly  what I was looking for."

Moving into Soulfulness

    "Recently, I have been given a gift through the  experience of Modified Movement. As a psychotherapist, the medium of  healing is usually conducted via words. Movement is a body process.  Patty shows and leads you to a gradual connection of your body and mind. She believes (and my experience can validate) that the body holds the  truth and the key to a deeper understanding. The process was manifested  in me through the cessation of chronic lumbar pain. In the silence of my body, I learned to hear the language of my whole body - patterns of  holding tension and how to establish a gentler attitude towards my pain. My body, with Patty's guidance, has helped me to pay attention to what  my body is telling me as a way to begin the healing process on many  levels."
                                                       L. Roll, LPC, Carrollton, GA

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