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Bodywork and Intuition:
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intuition: the immediate knowing of something without the  conscious use of reasoning (Webster's New World Dictionary)

Ask any gathering of massage therapists if they have experienced intuition in the professional setting. Immediately, at least 90 percent thrust their hands in the air, excited that the topic has been touched upon, eager to tell their story. Each has experienced becoming aware of information about the client without a notion of where it came from. This is what I refer to as EIP (entering into partnership) with the client. They hadn’t known it a moment ago. There had been no way of learning it and yet it remains unwavering like the proverbial elephant in the room. Even more astounding is, if given the opportunity to confirm, this heretofore unknown information always proves true.

Intuition, according to Webster’s New World Dictionary, is the immediate knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning. Statistics of intuitive revelation for other professions are unknown and actually irrelevant. For whatever reason, the fact of the matter is massage therapists work in an environment infused with intuition.

Inherent healing

It’s long been known that the body is inherently wise. From the healing of every scrape, cut and broken bone to healing modalities such as homeopathy and almost every type of complementary medicine, it is clear that self-healing know-how exists in the cellular body. The real question is, as 21st century body workers, how good are we at tapping into this resource? Are we able to connect with this information at will? Can we contact it when we need it most, when the body is struggling against us? And, as long as we’re asking, is there a way of having the intuitive information be specific to bodywork? 2008BlairsvilleWork

EIP answers with a rounding “yes” to all these questions.  It provides the bridge that connects the therapist to the intuitive level of the client’s cellular body.  This link effortlessly creates a vehicle of therapeutic wholeness by connection unique, strategic information to the therapist’s work.  Each not only complements but improves the other - - the true definition of synergy in action.

Experiential truths

Meeting the body on the table in this manner, the experiential definition of massage therapy, particularly clinical/medical, evolves. The client’s experience of the session is transformed because body resistance has been removed from the equation.  For exactly the same reason, the therapist’s experience also evolves. Each session becomes a flowing, harmonious partnership in which the client’s body is contributing in equal amounts, if not more, to the therapeutic outcome. More therapy is accomplished effortlessly as the body opens up before you. Plus, uncomfortable post-session after-effects (headaches, soreness and especially healing “crises”) rarely occur because the work has been a synergistic response to the body itself.

The truth is that this simple modality allows massage therapists to connect with the client’s “body will,” and the work unfolds from there. Once again, the sum of the parts is so much greater than the whole.

quote17Benefits for therapists:

  • Connection to the intuitive body at will
  • Enrichment of all modalities
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reduced injury 
  • Consistent results
  • Renewed passion for the work
  • Each session unique, including repeat clients
  • All modalities of deep tissue perform more easily
  • No client discomfort, even during deep tissue sessions
  • Fascination with the true ways of the body
  • Recognition of importance and reverence for our profession
  • Constant learning throughout the lifetime of your practice
  • Bye-bye burnout

 At this 12 CE program you will learn:

  • Bridge protocol
  • Therapeutic indicators
  • Understanding of the intuitive body:
  • Bridge labs include:

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