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    "Now we need to return to the body, for the intimate  experience we have of our physical selves contains
    the most personal  truth."

                                           Deepak Chopra, MD

Modified Movement
Workshop with Patty Ceccoli

Untapped resources await our touch. Qualities (courage, sacredness, gratitude, joy, devotion, patience, peace...etc.) all reside deep  within our being. Bringing them to light, is an adventure often left not ventured. Perhaps for lack of a map. Yet, most often we may prefer to  choose the seeming comforts of conformity and social acceptance even at  the cost of unrealized soul development.

The task of tapping into personal soul, although a deeply seeded  need, can seem overwhelming and mysteriously dark. The fear of finding nothing can send us scampering for everything of minimal soul value.  Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul..... stated it best in a recent edition of Spirituality and Health:

    "There is a mysterious and perverse tendency in human beings to be  gross and literal in responding to any impulse. You need substance, so  you pile up possessions. You want to absorb the life around you, so you  eat too much. You need some Dionysian joy, and you drink too much  alcohol."   (S&H, Sept./Oct. 2006, pg. 10)

(I would only add: You need purpose and fill yourselves with  busyness.)

The question remains; how do we rise above the "gross and literal"? Or is it; how do we deepen to the level of soul?

Moving into Soulfulness is an internal exploration. The life tool  is Modified Movement; a gentle, simple manner of movement that bridges  from our known self to our undiscovered resources and wholeness. It is  similar to meditation in its quality, yet different because of its  active body engagement. The forerunner of the movement is the breath;  simple, ever changing, self directed, soul connecting breath. The rest  lies in surrender.


     into unpatterned movement
           into the journey of the breath
                            the motion of the life energy as it
                within &


our body of bodies.

                              And as we follow,

                                            surrendering deeper and deeper

                       into the follow

                                         we find ourselves


                                    facing our own soulfulness.

The journey is always different. Old "woundings" often emerge,  ready for healing. Emotions run deep, intense and powerful. Moving into  Soulfulness allows us to ride cupped in the hands of our own genuine  soul.

The experience of Modified Movement

It is a flowing medley of breath and movement. Bones seem to melt  as muscles move in unsyncopated time. Eyes are closed for the journey is inward. Music creates a palpable mood. Only your breath moves your  movement as you surrender into it further . . . and follow.

Moving beyond the stylized patterns of everyday body mechanics.

    Movements beyond our patterns invite:
    ~ understanding
    ~ conscious awareness
    ~ forgiveness
    ~ spontaneity
    ~ genuineness
    ~ patience
    ~ internal resolution
    ~ personal rhythm
    ~ intuitive knowing
    ~ discernment
    ~ remembering our Creator
    ~ the gift of moving in Grace

Modified Movement translates into daily movement with a moment's  awareness, maintaining its delightful spontaneity. LogoSMALLMaking a life  practice of Modified Movement, we merge our every breath with the  Divine, deeply Moving into Soulfulness.


Patty Ceccoli, LMT, CST

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